Building successful products begins with knowing what consumers are really buying


This one-day workshop will help individuals and teams become familiar with Customer Jobs theory and the methods associated with it.

The workshop offers a combination of lectures, live interviews, and hands-on data modeling. We will also give examples of how other companies have applied Customer Jobs insights to create growth. By the end of the day, your team will be equipped and excited to begin gathering and applying Customer Jobs insights.

Practical and Applicable

Our workshops offer an introduction to the theory of Jobs to be Done, and methods you can use to apply it. They are designed to help teams understand:

  • What is a Job to be Done?
  • How can we uncover or design Customer Jobs?
  • What data do we need?
  • How do we go about gathering those data?
  • Once we get Jobs data, how do we model them so the insights are applicable for product, marketing, and management teams?
  • How can your team use this data to find growth opportunities and design products?

Is a workshop right for you?

People who have benefited the most from a workshop were looking for:

  • A low risk way to introduce Jobs to be Done thinking to themselves or their organization
  • Wanting to spark a culture change towards thinking differently about demand
  • Getting hands on practice with new research and design methods
  • Becoming better at research, design, product management, marketing, or strategy 
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Public or Private?

Public workshops are available 1-2 times a year. They are open to the public and limited to 25 people.

Private workshops are available anytime during the year, dependent on our availability.