Have a Strategy for JTBD and Demand Intelligence?

A lot of people contact us because they are excited about JTBD theory and Demand Intelligence. However, because these data models have only just started being taught in business schools, they also often face internal skepticism. As a result, they have difficultly getting buy-in from their colleagues and team members.

To solve this, we offer a free ½ day working session. This session helps you answer:

  1. Is JTBD & Demand Intelligence is a good fit for our team and company?

  2. Can we do this on our own, or do we need some outside help?

No fee. Just travel expenses.

While there is no charge for working sessions within NYC, there are charges if we are required to travel outside of NYC:

  1. For every day outside of NYC, a travel fee of $1500 per consultant is incurred

  2. Expenses (flights, taxi, hotel, and meals)

Eastern US

Sample schedule for Boston, Washington DC, Chicago (1 day travel fee)

10 am Our team arrives on site

10 - 3 Working session

3 pm Team leaves for NYC

Western US

Sample schedule for Dallas, Denver, San Francisco (2 day travel fee)

Day 1 Our team arrives in town

Day 2, 8-1pm Working session

Day 2, 1pm Team leaves for NYC

Possible Workshop topics

Once we have a better idea of the progress your team is seeking, as well as your constraints, we can design a better working session. Things we can do and discuss include:

  1. JTBD data

  2. Strategies on how to get those data

  3. How to code and model those data

  4. Strategies on sharing those data

  5. Strategies on how marketing, sales, product, and strategy can uses these data to "speak the same language", and work together vs separately

  6. Discuss a strategy on how your team can do all this

  7. Q&A session + short overview of JTBD (to get everyone on the same page)

  8. Do a practice interview

  9. Go over survey design

  10. Quantification strategies

  11. Strategies for validating JTBD and Market hypothesis

Questions Before Our call

Before scheduling the working session, we’d like to have a call to make sure we make the most out of our time together. Please review these questions. You can either send your answers to us via email, or present them during our call.

  1. At the end of this working session, what would your team like to be able to do, that they couldn't do before?

  2. What positive change is the your team looking to make for themselves, how they work with other teams, and how the org works overall?

  3. Right now, what is holding you back from achieving the progress your team seeks?

  4. Which business and strategy goals are most important to the org right now?