Insight Sprint

Our Insight Sprint is a high intensity workshop that focuses on uncovering and modeling Customer Jobs associated with one or more products. We will help the people in your organization develop insights about the Jobs customers are trying to get Done, and inspire them to begin applying those insights throughout their work. This workshop will help your company improve:

Strategic alignment: This insight around your customers' Jobs to be Done will serve as a "true north". Teams will be able to use the same Jobs insight to market, design, build, and manage solutions that customers will hire for a Job to be Done.

Growth culture: We will help you develop a culture where employees work together to meet your growth objectives by creating messaging and products that help customers, and your business, grow.

Competitive advantage: Your team will have a solid, shared understanding of Customer Jobs theory that will help them make sense of changes in the market over time, methods that will be useful in monitoring competition, improving existing products, and creating successful new products and services.

At the end of the workshop, the team will:

Know how to gather and model insight from your current and former customers.

Be able to share Jobs to be Done insight with others in your company.

Understand the relationships between the various Jobs we discover.

Have a plan for immediately applying Jobs insights and thinking to their work.

It’s important to us that a successful hand-off happens and that your team realizes as much progress as possible. Therefore, we provide 90 days of ongoing support as a part of the sprint package.

Cost starts at $31,725


Private Workshop

Customer Jobs is a revolutionary way of thinking about how demand for a product is created, and how innovators can meet that demand. While this thinking has a long track record of success, few business schools teach it, and is only now attracting widespread attention.

But how can we uncover or design for Customer Jobs? What data do we need? How do we go about gathering those data? Once we get them, how do we model them so the insights are applicable for product, marketing, and management teams?

We have designed this workshop as a hands-on introduction to help you introduce Customer Jobs thinking throughout your organization. This workshop is a hands-on, immersive experience of interviewing consumers, modeling important data from those interviews, and collaboration on applying those insights to your strategic objectives.

At the end of the workshop, your team will:

Develop skills needed to gather Customer Jobs data

Know how to model those data

Design a way to integrate these data and models into your design process

Have a plan to get started

Cost starts at $14,500