Insight Sprints

The Insight Sprint is our most popular service. It is a fast-paced, week-long workshop that introduces cross-functional teams to voice of the market thinking. Everyone works together to gather market insights, and design why they will apply them.

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What people say after we complete a sprint

I’m one of the founders of the company, I’ve worked as CTO, head of product, and head of customer experience. And as I listened to these interviews, there were times when I thought I knew exactly what the customer would say. But I was surprised to hear what they actually said.
Being able to tell customer stories was missing from our communication internally and with investors. Having them will help us explain the value of our product more effectively.

How will your teams change?


Become Creators of Insights

Your team will become creators of insights.

When teams create insights together, everyone has a sense of ownership. This motivates them to use what they've learned in their work.

Your entire team will increase their skills at gathering data, modeling those data, and discovering market insights.

Create Clear Next Steps

Your team will emerge from the Sprint with action items they created. This enables them to begin immediately working on what needs to get done.

The sprint's final day is when your team creates and assigns themselves actions items. It's also an opportunity for management to assist in the ideation and prioritization of these action items.


Have Strategic Alignment

Marketing will know what emotions their messaging should evoke, when to reach consumers at the right time, and the keywords that help make your product stand out.

Product team will have data to support on-boarding, retainment, and feature prioritization.

Management & Strategy will know how to identify growth opportunities, what things your teams should not be working on.

Model Market Demand

Jobs to be Done is a simple, yet powerful, way of understanding how demand is created, and how it's satisfied.

With this shared understanding, your team is equipped to have the right conversations, focus on work that is important for growth, and become more effective at building and marketing products that create value and excitement for customers.


Rocket Fuel for Innovation

You can't build the products of tomorrow by studying only the needs associated with the products of today.

The insight created during this sprint is completely independent of any product. We will study demand at a level that is abstract enough for your innovation team to identify new markets and new products they can build.

Discover Growth Opportunities

Some teams we've worked with were in the midst of 100% year over year growth. Others had hit a growth ceiling and struggled to regain momentum.

This Insight Sprint helps leaders of both fast growing or stagnating companies instill a growth mindset throughout the organization.


How does it work?

  • Define what success will look like
  • Create timeline
  • Assemble a cross-functional team
  • Choose who to interview and start recruiting

  • Interview 15-25 existing and new customers
  • Create models for demand, customer choice, and competition
  • Define and assign action items to teams

  • Assist in handoffs
  • Follow up presentations in in-person or remote
  • Q&A with other teams and individuals

Sample Schedule

Every sprint generally follows the same schedule. We will adapt the schedule depending on the progress our client is looking to make.

For example, if our purpose is insight gathering only, then fewer interviews are conducted and more time is spent on developing the insights and planning next steps.

If the the sprint is more about training, then more time is spent interviewing consumers, modeling their data, and co-creating Job Specs.

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