We empower teams to know what customers really want

Make market research and insight creation your competitive advantage

Idealized Innovation is a boutique marketing and coaching service that helps clients know how to define markets, how to gather accurate market data, and how to create actionable plans based upon those insights. 


This is the type of progress we help teams make

Alan and Eric helped us become market leaders by arming us with new methods that help us build a research culture.
— Brian Ashbaugh, Head of Research
Idealized Innovation helped us get 12 product teams ‘sniffing the same glue’, so we could operate under one strategic vision.
— Martin Henk, Co-Founder and Head of Product
The insights we discovered [with Idealized Innovation] have become the foundation for our sales, marketing, and new product development work.
— Maggie Waples, SVP Yearbook Division

Pipedrive's story

How do we deal with getting the founders vision into the minds of everyone at the company?
— Martin Henk, Co-Founder & Head of Product

We can help you...
  • Understand the voice of the market (not just voice of the customer)
  • Make sure everyone shares the same strategic vision
  • Create models of competition, demand, and customer choice
  • Train teams to gather and model the right data
  • Create a plan to take advantage of market insights


We offer different products, depending on the progress you're looking for



We will work with your cross-functional team to help them become creators of insight. This insight data will help fuel growth and alignment across your company.


We will help your team co-design new product experiences with customers, so they can build demand as they build a product.


Interested in having Alan or Eric speak at your conference or on your podcast? There are several topics we can discuss to help your audience succeed.


Our private workshops are designed to introduce a team to Jobs to be Done thinking through engaging lectures and hands on experience creating insight.